PORTAROK is an underground hip-hop artist who is currently located in the united states . graffiti urban Lyricist came at a very young age, social and social ills in touch, making his lyrics, despite the influence of urban aspects, rather social and socio-critical nature.against government political influences in media and corporate music industries .
After the first contact with hip-hop the identification with this urban subculture, which PORTAROK>>, the element Rap has discovered.
After initial attempts at walking in the lyrics and rapping the first contacts were made, leading to the establishment As a member of this international movement, he shared a love of hip-hop artists worldwide. By working with MCs, beat makers, DJ & producer..
PORTAROK>> does not aspire to careers in the music industry, but is much more interested to meet like-minded people to combine different minded people and to carry through self-reflection by the inner vision rap to the outside.This Hip Hop and art conscious space is shared with a vision of love in these trying times trying to balance against the evil and hate.