Skampoe Releases Spokenword Album “Vocals From the Crypt”

As Artists this new generation limits themselves with the commercialism and expected crap they always offer. But From Darkstarz Records you can expect the Hip Hop art taking to higher degrees. Skampoe releases a New Spoken word Hip Hop Art Project entitled “Vocals From the Crypt”. It contains nine cuts of awesome lyrical reflections of hip hop art. These pieces represent true from of art and expression in a lyrical form. As you listen you will have a sense of empowerment waiting to unleash itself for the greater good. The new journey begins within all of us and if we do not allow ourselves the freedom we are denied then it will never happen. In the words of Caper “There is No Room for Dreams in My Life So I Make it Reality”


You Can Listen to the Free Spoken Word Album “Vocals from the Crypt” Here… https://darkstarzrecords.bandcamp.com/album/vocals-from-the-crypt-spokenword