“Stylistic” Released by StyleMaster

Darkstarz Records is proud the present the long awaited album by StyleMaster. If you ever wondered what type of music your grand kids or great grand kids will be listening to, Darkstarz recording artist, Stylemaster, opens a window into the future of hip hop with Stylistic. Stylistic is a sweeping opus that covers everything from space funk anthems to grimey hip hop warning shots to butter smooth love songs. Inhale the lyrics and take the journey into the future of Hip Hop. This album is filled with future funk, club essence and beats that baffle the mind. Once you feel the dose of Style’s hip hop extraction you will want to play it again and again. Unlike most albums of today that is filled with the same monotonous sounds “Stylistic” rewinds time to where actual skills, content made you bop your head and say Damn.