P.C.P. Releases Street Kundoe: Return 2 Da Dojo

After listening to the dope 20 track album by “P.C.P.” I was reminded of the heavy hardcore antics of the 90’s heavily dosed in gasoline with a match to strike. The Sher wordplay and development of the album by P.C.P. made me want to continue to listen. It’s no wonder why they are signed to Darkstarz Records. Their back to back flows mixed with different styles and code of ethics released another shape shifting murderous album created to destroy the fake hip hop heads who claim to be hip hop. The hip hop duo which consists as “Skampoe” and “Jigsaw” creates a balance like the ying and yang. Both MC’s are raw and shatter every beat thrown at them at every moment. Take a listen for yourself and share it with friends.